Status of my complaint against Alpine Access

I got word last week that the National Labor Relations Board has thoroughly investigated my claims against Alpine Access and they agree with 95% of them. The NLRB is now taking Alpine Access to court on my behalf for violations of numerous labor laws.

Because there are ongoing legal procedures in the works I am going to leave it at that for now. I will keep you posted as I have more information that I can share with you without putting anything we have in the works at risk.

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Greedy Alpine Access Is Selling You Out

I just came across this news article from a couple days ago which says that Alpine Access is being acquired by Sykes for $150 million dollars. I don’t want people to panic right now, you have plenty of time to act. I have a little bit of experience with this. When I worked for Cloud 10 Corp a number of years ago they were acquired by Transcom International and to my knowledge people did not lose there jobs.

There is a possibility that there is nothing to fear, however I think the betting mans money would be that you should start trying to line up a different job. I base this on how Alpine Access management has consistently dealt with it’s workers in the past. Alpine Access is bad news folks. The decisions that they make are 100% based on the almighty dollar.

I have been getting reports that there are intimidation efforts under way by management to prohibit discussion of  this merger. If you are being intimidated or threatened by management for discussing this issue please reach out to me and I can guide you through the process of filing a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. It is illegal for them to do this!

I am in the process of taking them to court; in part on this specific issue. (More to come in the next post)

Folks, there is a distinct possibility that hundreds of you are going to be unemployed because of this merger and Alpine Access has a history of trying to deny unemployment claims to save money for their greedy corporate shareholders. Please read one of my earlier posts to learn how to protect yourself from being screwed. Click here.

I can tell you guys how the rest of this plays out. When word starts to get out about the merger, management is going to begin implying to you that the merger is a good thing and it that it will likely lead to better pay and perks. This IS NOT going to happen. The first thing that Sykes is going to do is cut what they deem to be the fat so they can get an immediate (and large) return on their purchase cost.

If someone implies this to you, they are either ignorant or they are a liar.

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April 30, 2012 8 comments

Well folks, I was finally fired today. You will have to forgive me for speaking vague terms on this post. I am going to undoubtedly involved in a unemployment benefits battle with Alpine Access in the coming months and I don’t want to post anything that they could potentially twist and use against me.

First off, I was fired today. The official reason is “Job Abandonment”. The last two days that I had to work I was ill and filled out the time center post that is required but I did not email my Team Leader, Shaneka Hamidou about it. 

This is AT BEST a violation of some vague and over burdensome policy buried somewhere in the recesses of unorganized and exploitative mess that is Alpine Access. 

I emailed the big wigs (or douche bags, whichever you prefer), at Alpine Access to tell them that this is clearly a thinly veiled attempt to deny me unemployment benefits. 

They may seek to make an example of me but I am going to be the first employee that get’s my just pound of flesh from them. I won’t go away quietly, I will fight for my unemployment and I will still keep this blog up so that perspective employees and potential clients of Alpine Access can hear about how this grossly exploitative and terribly unorganized and inefficient company operates. 

I will also press on with my case before the NLRB that is being decided in Washington DC. That way when they set the parameters for “Virtual Labor Organizing” they will have documented rules on it. 

Once that precedent is set there are going to be call center unions popping up all around the country. Mark my words. 

As we enter chapter 2 on this blog I wanted to offer some real talk for a second. This is the most heartfelt thing that I have posted on here. 

First, I have had many jobs. Including 3 work from home ones of this nature. Working for Alpine Access is hands down THE WORST job that I have ever had. Not just because it ended badly but because of the deep seated structural problems within the company. From grossly unqualified teens that have been elevated to supervisory roles, to grandiose false promises that never come close to being met, to a total disorganization and massive disconnect between the corporate day-walkers and the call takers. 

The work atmosphere has been toxic since after the holidays. We are constantly expected to take on more roles with not hopes of tangible pay increases. The only incentives are threats that other people can easily be hired and more cheaply to fill our positions.

Lastly, I am not upset to leave this job. It is a horrid job (even worst then manual labor jobs I have done in the past)

I will be adding more in the coming days and months.

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Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing

This past week I had a meeting with my Team Leader (and the Senior Team Leader) who has coincidentally been sitting in on the last 3 meetings I have had with my Team Leader.

Actually, it’s probably not much of a coincidence. They are clearly up to something.

Anyway I was applauded because I just had my first PERFECT call ever! Then the topic moved to another call where I apparently missed some arbitrary phraseology and that was a final write up because of that.

Pretty silly if you ask me. They should just lay people off if the company that we are all working for wants them to reduce the work force. Instead they make up silly things so they can make claims on your unemployment.


We also received news where the corporate beast was trying to spin us having to take on more job responsibilities so their amoral corporate shareholders can make even more money into a positive thing.

The last time this happened they tried to make it look like a good thing. They eliminated our escalations department and we had to learn and take on the new set duties promptly.

Not only have they never considered giving a wage increase for increased workload but they are giving some vague promise of more hours if we take on two jobs for the price of one.

If they demand this of me, I will promptly tell them to shove it. I will not accept it.

I feel the beginnings of a strike coming on!

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Sign Your Union Card Today!

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If you think your on your way out the door, READ THIS

April 6, 2012 1 comment

For those of you that fear a firing may be coming your way here are some important things to keep in mind.

1) When you are on a conference call with a TL and a STL, that is a formal and severe warning. Do not use any verbiage that shows that you understand or agree with their assessment. In fact you should strongly protest it and “Agree to Disagree”.

2) Don’t sign anything ever! A lot of the time when people are on their way out the door they are asked to sign a document. This is a formal and legal document which will aid Alpine Access in denying your unemployment benefits.

3) Save your relevant email on your host side. Anything that is related to discipline that will help your prove you case later on if you need to. Alpine Access will win many of it’s claims because you have no documents when you are fired. You are immediately locked out and you have nothing to defend yourself with.

4) Do NOT quit. This is one reason where you can absolutely be denied unemployment. Put the ball in their court…let them decide to fire.

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Alpine Access CEO Thanks Me for My Contributions












It looks like I have been with Alpine Access for 1 year today. I got this email from Christopher Carrington, CEO of Alpine Access:


Happy Anniversary with Alpine Access!


Christopher Carrington Add contact


Joe Sylvester Add contact


Today 06:00

Dear Joseph,

Congratulations on your recent anniversary with Alpine Access! I would like to personally thank you for all the contributions you have made to the company.

Your commitment and dedication have made a tremendous impact. I appreciate the time and energy you have devoted to us.

Best wishes for another successful year, and thanks again for everything you do.


Christopher M. Carrington
Chief Executive Officer
Alpine Access


Mr Carrington,

Thank you for the warmest of corporate wishes! Are there any perks to continuing with this company other than severe hour cuts and an increased and oppressive corporate bureaucracy?

Your humble servant,

Joe Sylvester

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