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I was right! Alpine retracts!

Many of you have followed my updates on here with regards to TL John Hall. Several weeks ago he has sent out a instant message blast asking people to report on my organizing activities. That is illegal!

After consistent pressure on management and a complaint filed with the National Labor relations board the company finally had TL John Hall send out another message saying that he was wrong. The issue was fixed several weeks after it had occurred and I believe it was only fixed because they were clearly in the wrong and I could prove it.

I have been told me Mr Paul Inson that the retraction went out on the 23rd of November. I have not been able to independently verify this fact but I do have a screen capture of the retraction (not sure who it was sent to).

The retraction was reiterated to me in private email correspondence from the VP of Human Resources, Paul Inson:

Thanks, Joe.  And please circle back on your findings.  The intention again is:  full retraction.  And if you do not believe that was properly conveyed…we will work with you to make it right.




Paul Inson
Vice President, Human Resources


This is a step in the correct direction. I have told you guys that your rights to organize WILL be protected and there will be a further investigation into the chat and email restrictions that have been placed on us as a result of concerted activities.

Sign the form to unionize today! It’s your right!

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