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Logical Fallacy 101

Has anyone ever heard of the term logical fallacy before? This is how it is defined: a fallacy in logical argumentation.

I’ve heard team leads (and some naive employees) “Well they only fire people for a good reason”.

There are three basic rules of logical fallacies:
1) The Law of Identity
Example: God is God, not something else.

2) The Law of Non-Contradiction
Example: God cannot be both personal and impersonal.

3) The Law of Excluded Middle
Example: God either exists or God doesn’t exist.

But an “At-Will” clause says exactly the opposite. As a legal matter anyone can be fired for any reason at all…or no reason. They don’t have to tell you why, they don’t have to give you due process.

If they did have a due process the contract would read something like this: “In order for an employee to be terminated there will be a due process in place in which the case is presented and the employee is given the chance to defend himself. Once the case is presented an impartial panel of employee’s and management will determine if the infraction merits termination”.

If they do in fact currently use due process why does it say the exact opposite in our agreements? What they say and the actual facts of the matter are two entirely different things.

What would you think if you went to get a loan and in the contract you sign to get the loan it says that any time a payment is late a $100 fee will be added onto the balance. However the person processing the loan says that they do not enforce that but the legal document that you sign says the exact opposite.

Legally, which agreement do you think the court honors? The signed agreement!

At-Will employment is garbage. We deserve a due process; the same that we are granted under our constitution as American citizens.

Sign the Union Card today to implement due process and do away with “At-Will”. 

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  1. elmer fudd
    December 10, 2011 at 12:44 am

    If you do not like your employer…quit

  2. December 10, 2011 at 1:11 am

    Yes, retreating and defeat is one option. Another is stand up and work to better things.

  3. StandupandFight
    December 13, 2011 at 2:26 am

    Why should we be forced to quit if we don’t like our employer. Why is it a crime to want to make the employer make changes to better the work conditions. Unions have served their purpose to advance this Nation to what it is today. One person working for change can make our work conditions better

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