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Bogus Wage Increases

The company has recently offered bogus pay increases. They just announced that with perfect scores and just under 7 yrs on the job you could get UP TO a $1 raise.

Isn’t that fantastic folks?

Not only are the wage increases laughable but they are insulting.  I estimate that there is a 90% turn over in this job (1 yr) and after 2 yrs I estimate it to easily be at 95%.

This means that no one will really get a raise…and when they do it’s literally pennies.

Shame on Alpine Access!

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  1. Current Employee
    March 17, 2012 at 6:25 am

    Agreed. It’s insulting when we work out butts off to line their pockets.

    Was wondering if you’d been fired since you have been silent for so long. Welcome back!

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