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I’ve been asked a lot by folks if I have been fired yet. The answer is no. Lucky me! Heavy emphasis on the sarcasm.  I am still here enduring the daily rectal exams that all in the Alpine Access family are forced to endure by management.

I wanted to provide you with an update on organizing efforts and the great deterioration of morale of the workers. I have been laying low for the time being while my complaint to the National Labor Relations Board against Alpine Access for coercive rules has been settled.

There were several complaints filed against Alpine Access, all of which failed to stick and were dismissed. Mine of course is the exception. I documented my case thoroughly and the Alpine Access corporate lawyer has not been able to get it thrown out.

The complaints that I made were not able to be determined in my area because there is no precedent yet for the virtual environment that we work in, therefore the rules as related to this type of job are as of yet to be determined.

Currently, my case is at the NLRB national office in Washington, DC and I am waiting to hear back from them.

I am confident that I will win as everything is documented and management has botched things on numerous occasions.

One other obstacle that we face is getting an accurate number of people currently on the program. There have been so many purges  and the number of supposed employee totals coming from management are obviously fictitious as we are constantly given conflicting numbers.

Morale is dangerously low at this point. Even after the massive purges it seems as if though every single week there are some new zero tolerance policies set in place for minor issues. Rather than motivate with positive incentives their business model has consistently been by coercion.

Schedules have been reduced to extreme lows. People are being forced to fight to get 10 hrs a week and nearly everyone I work with is looking for a different job or trying to jump onto a different program. I cannot find a single person that has anything positive to say about their work at Alpine Access. In fact in our employee team meetings it is common for everyone to share links to other “work at home” companies with the blessings of the team leaders.

We have a tyrannical management and a Quality Assurance team that has run a muck. They are obsessively looking for ways to give automatic failing grades on calls where a person not drinking the company Kool-Aid would say was a darn good call.

We are constantly forced to do more training which is often pushed on us at the last minute with threats of a “Final Write Up” if they are not done on short notice. Nearly all of the time we are expected to do this training on our own time off the clock and they decide what stipend we should get to complete the training. Not how much time it takes to thoroughly read the material and digest it, but how much time someone in Denver thinks we should be paid for it. (Likely someone who has never even looked at it before.)

In team meetings we are forced to listen to our team leaders tout the oppressive  company line in a way reminiscent of Chairman Mao’s “self repudiations”.  All the while trying to make it sound like the latest oppressive weekly measures that are dictated from on high with no input sought from the workers are really a good thing for us. Yea right!

How can the management of this company make all of these changes without talking to us about it (or even pretending to gather our thoughts). I sincerely doubt that any of them have ever talked to a worker… even once (excluding me of course). 

What do we get for dealing with all of this? We can get a $1 raise after just under 7 years. (if you maintain near perfect scores the entire time)!
Note: It may be statistically easier to turn water into wine.

The people that set this policy in place clearly knew what they were doing and I actually find it quite insulting that they think that even a single one of us would fall for it.

The odds of this program still being here in 7 years is not likely. Furthermore, with the extreme turn over with this company I estimate that over 98% will never even get  the .15 cent raise (which isn’t even retroactive).

If you want this to be a shitty company to work for that fine. I think many people would accept that fact if management  was not constantly up our asses. That coupled with a  maniacal QA “team” to constantly harass workers. A dead end job many be worth it for a time if we are not constantly harassed.

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  1. Alexandria Levan
    April 4, 2012 at 2:49 pm

    I got left the video gaming client after 18 months and many mandatory jump off’s. I was one who went to another client. During training I got sick and went immediately to the dr’s and received a note which I sent in right away. I was told by the trainer “no worries”. Until the next morning when I received the email from my soon to be new TL that I was going to be removed from the program for not having 100% attendance and placed back in the job pool.

    I called the Labor board and although the policy sucks it is their policy and I couldn’t file a complaint but was directed to file for unemployment. It’s almost a month later and Alpine is disputing my claim stating I quit. I have all the documentation. I’m not quitting this fight!

  2. April 4, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Alexandria, I am truly sorry to hear that. It doesn’t surprise me one bit. I have heard that they are challenging a number of cases of unemployment. They fire people to save money when they could just lay them off or give them time to move to another program. When companies do big purges the ethical ones will promptly work to get unemployment paid out… but not Alpine Access.

    I’d be interested in talking with you more about this. Did you save anywhere where the conversation with the trainer was had?

    At minimal since you have been here so long they should have worked with you for something so minor.

    I think you will win your unemployment claim. Missing one day of work with a doctors note is not quitting anywhere in the free world that I am aware of.

    Please get a hold of me so we can discuss further. cheneygun@gmail.com or gopjoe04 on yahoo messenger.

  3. Alexandria
    April 5, 2012 at 1:52 am

    I sent you an email! Thanks for responding back!

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