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Alpine Access May Be Illegally Challenging Unemployment Claims


Alpine Access employee Alexandria Levan has been fired for missing a day of training because she had to go to the emergency room.

Before I delve into the nitty gritty details, I am going to give you a background on her background with Alpine Access. Levan has been with Alpine Access for 18 months (an eternity with this company) and only recently decided to switch over to another program because the hours and total work force has faced draconian cuts.

In switching to another program her wages were cut by nearly $2 an hour. She began training on the new program and toward the end she had to go to the emergency room for what she now knows is a serious medical issue.

She informed her trainer that she had to go and the trainer said that it would be okay for her to do so. She missed one day of work and when she returned she got an email saying that she cannot miss any days of work during training and she was promptly fired.

She was immediately locked out of the system and her personal work email and promised that she could reapply for another program. The policy is is that if you are fired (they don’t do lay-offs) you cannot reapply or work for Alpine Access ever again.

To her horror she could not reapply for anything… not even a minimum wage position. She was a tenured agent and has been here forever and not only did they lie to her, they put a knife in her back on her way out the door.

I know what you are thinking, “It can’t get much worse then that”, but it does.

After waiting a month to hear back on her unemployment they told her that it is being challenged by Alpine Access because “She voluntarily quit”. That is obviously an outright lie and from what my counsel tells me totally illegal.

For those of you that don’t know how it works, you may ask “Why do they care if someone collects unemployment; doesn’t the government pay that?”

The answer to that is yes and no. If Alpine Access fires more people that collect unemployment afterwards and haven’t paid a certain percentage in taxes, they are required to pay more. Alpine Access has fired hundreds of workers that I know of, of my accord on this single program which undoubtedly means that they are going to be forced to pay more because of the large volume of people that they fire.

Here is an example for you to further digest why Alpine Access may be illegally or unethically challenging unemployment claims in bulk:

In Michigan, employers pay a tax on the first $9,000 each employee makes.  The amount of tax they pay is an “experience rate” which is set each year based on claims for unemployment the employer has had against it.  And positive balance employer is an employer who has paid more into the system than they has been paid out in claims to former employees.  A negative balance employer is one for whom more has been paid in claims than the employer paid into the system.  An employer with a good experience rate probably is paying only around .06% tax on the first $9,000 an employee makes.  A negative balance employer could be paying 3% or more.

If you are fired and Alpine Access tries to fight your unemployment insurance, FIGHT BACK! Do not accept denial. Check in your state…there are lawyers that will take up your claim for little or nothing. The company cannot bullshit the federal government only it’s mistreated employees.

When you challenge it, it goes before an administrative law judge who will render a final judgement. Alpine Access will have to prove why you are disqualified (which in most states you can get unemployment for anything as long as you don’t quit or steal from the company.)

Do not let them screw you out of unemployment. Please challenge it and seek counsel and contact me if you need help with the process and I will do all I can to help you.

Alpine Access is expanding because you as a worker are being exploited to an extreme. Don’t let it happen to you! Don’t let them give their CEO a million dollar bonus because they unlawfully denied hundreds of workers their legal right to unemployment.

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  1. AAxEmployee
    April 28, 2012 at 6:38 am

    They fired me cause they said I broke policy. I was wrote up the first time around March 20th for something they said happened on feb 15th and the wrote up the next week cause a customer called in and to,d me he had Xbox live and then I said you said you had Xbox live,correct? According to them he didn’t pass pii and that was my second offense, I did to sign nothing anytime I was wrote up cause it was bs I knew they were trying to get rid of me. They wrote me up when my dad passed away in Jan unexpectedly and I took two extra day..used my bank time no I didn’t sign that either. I’m disputing my unemployment and hope I get it. alpine Access is a joke!! Backstabbing sob’s if you ask me.

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