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If you think your on your way out the door, READ THIS

For those of you that fear a firing may be coming your way here are some important things to keep in mind.

1) When you are on a conference call with a TL and a STL, that is a formal and severe warning. Do not use any verbiage that shows that you understand or agree with their assessment. In fact you should strongly protest it and “Agree to Disagree”.

2) Don’t sign anything ever! A lot of the time when people are on their way out the door they are asked to sign a document. This is a formal and legal document which will aid Alpine Access in denying your unemployment benefits.

3) Save your relevant email on your host side. Anything that is related to discipline that will help your prove you case later on if you need to. Alpine Access will win many of it’s claims because you have no documents when you are fired. You are immediately locked out and you have nothing to defend yourself with.

4) Do NOT quit. This is one reason where you can absolutely be denied unemployment. Put the ball in their court…let them decide to fire.

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