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Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing

This past week I had a meeting with my Team Leader (and the Senior Team Leader) who has coincidentally been sitting in on the last 3 meetings I have had with my Team Leader.

Actually, it’s probably not much of a coincidence. They are clearly up to something.

Anyway I was applauded because I just had my first PERFECT call ever! Then the topic moved to another call where I apparently missed some arbitrary phraseology and that was a final write up because of that.

Pretty silly if you ask me. They should just lay people off if the company that we are all working for wants them to reduce the work force. Instead they make up silly things so they can make claims on your unemployment.


We also received news where the corporate beast was trying to spin us having to take on more job responsibilities so their amoral corporate shareholders can make even more money into a positive thing.

The last time this happened they tried to make it look like a good thing. They eliminated our escalations department and we had to learn and take on the new set duties promptly.

Not only have they never considered giving a wage increase for increased workload but they are giving some vague promise of more hours if we take on two jobs for the price of one.

If they demand this of me, I will promptly tell them to shove it. I will not accept it.

I feel the beginnings of a strike coming on!

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