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Greedy Alpine Access Is Selling You Out

I just came across this news article from a couple days ago which says that Alpine Access is being acquired by Sykes for $150 million dollars. I don’t want people to panic right now, you have plenty of time to act. I have a little bit of experience with this. When I worked for Cloud 10 Corp a number of years ago they were acquired by Transcom International and to my knowledge people did not lose there jobs.

There is a possibility that there is nothing to fear, however I think the betting mans money would be that you should start trying to line up a different job. I base this on how Alpine Access management has consistently dealt with it’s workers in the past. Alpine Access is bad news folks. The decisions that they make are 100% based on the almighty dollar.

I have been getting reports that there are intimidation efforts under way by management to prohibit discussion of  this merger. If you are being intimidated or threatened by management for discussing this issue please reach out to me and I can guide you through the process of filing a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. It is illegal for them to do this!

I am in the process of taking them to court; in part on this specific issue. (More to come in the next post)

Folks, there is a distinct possibility that hundreds of you are going to be unemployed because of this merger and Alpine Access has a history of trying to deny unemployment claims to save money for their greedy corporate shareholders. Please read one of my earlier posts to learn how to protect yourself from being screwed. Click here.

I can tell you guys how the rest of this plays out. When word starts to get out about the merger, management is going to begin implying to you that the merger is a good thing and it that it will likely lead to better pay and perks. This IS NOT going to happen. The first thing that Sykes is going to do is cut what they deem to be the fat so they can get an immediate (and large) return on their purchase cost.

If someone implies this to you, they are either ignorant or they are a liar.

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